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Jessica Jonap: Book Publicist 7

"Jessica did a wicked good job of opening up my book to the public."
--Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked
"Jessica thrived in this high-pressed, results oriented environment. Not only did she execute complete and effective publicity campaigns, but she also knew how to manage the nuances of the internal issues of a project: author care, in-house politics, and agent relationships. Now that I rank myself among Jessica's clients, I can attest to the fact that her scope of experience has broadened and that she continues to be a rich and effective resource for our company. Jessica always makes herself available to the client yet keeps the professional relationship low-maintenance, which is truly appreciated."
--Steven Sorrentino, former Vice President, Executive Director of Publicity, HarperCollins
"If I were an author looking to promote my book or a publisher looking to bring on someone from outside my house, I can think of no one better than Jessica Jonap for the job. I have worked with her as a bookseller promoting an author she represented and, also, as a collaborator on The Miami Book Fair International, and it's clear that there is no one better. We've been very fortunate to have Jessica as part of our South Florida literary community and I recommend her for any position that she seeks."
--Mitchell Kaplan, founder of Books & Books and co-founder of the Miami Book Fair International
"Jessica Jonap has all the right qualities for an excellent publicist. She's creative, thorough, and professional. I've known and worked with Jessica for twenty years, and I have seen her leave no stone unturned to get the word out about her projects. She will work with you to tailor the publicity campaign to your needs, while bringing a wealth of experience and creative ideas to further the cause. She is simply one of the best publicists working today."
--Kara Welsh, VP, Publisher, New American Library, Penguin Group (USA)
"Jessica has proved to be the best publicist I have ever worked with--with no close second. As the author of seven books and four national bestsellers, I have considerable experience working with different publicists. Jessica shines above the rest. She is enthusiastic, resourceful, persistent, and dedicated to doing the best possible job. She possesses a towering competence and a delightful personality. She is an unusually clear thinker and communicator. She follows through."
--Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., author of The Dance of Anger
"Working with Jessica was the best and most productive experience I have had as an author with any public relations/press-promotion person, and I am speaking as a veteran of forty years of writing, including eighteen books, from novels to non-fiction. Jessica's hard work and creative, intelligent approach led to many publicity breakthroughs for me, most notably, a three-page feature on me and the new book in People magazine. I hope to work with Jessica on any future project I have, whether books, movies or any other project that needs to be made known to the public. I would -- and do -- recommend her highly to anyone who wants the best."
--Dan Wakefield, author of How Do We Know When It's God?
"Jessica leaves no stone unturned in garnering the best publicity for her clients. What's more, she does it all with charm, warmth, and a fabulous sense of humor"
--Jill Siegel, Former Associate Director of Publicity, Free Press (Simon & Schuster)
"It's always a pleasure to work with Jessica Jonap. She worked Trojan-like to spread word about the book and I doubt she left any stone unturned."
--Douglas Coupland, author of Microserfs and Generation X
"For the past year Jessica Jonap generated publicity for my most recent book. The results were greatly appreciated as they included nationally syndicated shows and online chats. Other events were integrated into my travel and lecture appearances for local publicity via area stations and newspapers. There were other specialized mailings and attention-getters that she diligently worked on, at all times keeping me well-informed and coordinating her work with my ideas and my life. She is easy to talk to, has a sense of humor, is very cooperative, open to new ideas, a hard worker and easy to work with."
--Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Prescriptions for Living
"I have known Jessica Jonap for over a decade and have always found her to be a bright, capable professional with a broad understanding of the publishing industry. With exemplary skills as a writer and excellent media contacts and knowledge, Jessica can always be counted on to run a first-rate publicity campaign. Whenever I am asked who I would recommend to publicize a book, Jessica Jonap is always the first name I speak."
--Paola Fernandez Rana, former Director of Public Relations, Health Communications, Inc.
"Jessica is simply terrific. She is professional, inventive and supportive. I want to write another book just so I can work with her again!"
--Robert Goldberg, author of Tabloid Medicine
"Jessica brings the highest degree of personal attention and committed passion to each of the projects I've entrusted to her. One word: excellent!"
--Tim Brazier, Director of Publicity, Kaplan Publishing
"All book publicists promise you the moon. Jessica Jonap was the first I met who actually delivered. She got me on "Talk of the Nation," "Nightline," arranged a Q & A in Parade magazine and much more. And she's a delight to work with. Five stars!"
--Dan Hurley, author of Diabetes Rising
"Jessica was both proactive in her idea generation and quick to respond with great focus and attention to our specific need and to our deadlines. She gets results through a combination of charm and great follow-through, rather than by aggression. We saw a marked improvement in both sell-in and sell-through of the titles Jessica publicized, and I recommend her services wholeheartedly."
--Wendalyn Nichols, former Editor Director of Random House Reference & Information Group
"When Jessica knocked on the doors, they all opened. One could not have asked for a better publicist. I always felt that Jessica not only believed in my book but that she also believed in me and my ability to handle the media appearances. She made me feels special, always taking into consideration my personal needs and wishes no matter how large or small. I will forever be grateful for the care and attention Jessica afforded every aspect of my extremely successful publicity campaign."
--Shireen Dodson, author of The Mother-Daughter Book Club
"Jessica Jonap collaborated with the Florida Center for the Literary Arts in 2008 in putting together programs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Miami Book Fair International. Her knowledge of the industry and her valuable contacts in different publishing houses facilitated the confirmation of important authors who presented during the 8-day event last November. In addition, she helped us to coordinate video-taped testimonials from those who could not join us in Miami to be viewed during the stellar inauguration ceremony that marked the beginning of last year's literary feast. Jessica is a professional who organizes her time well and is excellent in following through, with an impressive attention to detail. We were quite fortunate to have her as part of our programming team on such a special year. Coordinating presentations by more than 450 authors is a daunting task, and her contribution without a doubt resulted in the successful delivery of a rich, much celebrated festival of authors."
--Alina Interián, Executive Director Florida Center for the Literary Arts at Miami Dade College
"Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and experience from her years in the book publicity in New York, but equally important is her integrity and personal commitment to excellence in the tasks she undertakes. Not once during the course of our professional relationship did she ever say she was going to do anything and fail to follow through. With her working motto being "it couldn't hurt," she charted out a series of creative strategies for raising awareness of the book in different markets and then knocked on door after door after door."
--Paul Hampton Crocket, author of HIV Law